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Soul Light Therapy

Soul Light Therapy is Integrative Art and Sound Psychotherapy - an innovative synergy of psychotherapy, sound and creative art expression using the power of the imagination through image, metaphor and sound vibration to support wellbeing growth and transformation.


Soul light therapy is holistic, meaning that it not only addresses psychological and emotional issues but works with the body and the energy systems of the body where unconscious stuck energy relating to emotional and psychological distress and unprocessed trauma can often get stored.

This approach draws on my decades of experience as a Psychotherapist, Art Psychotherapist and Sound Healing Practitioner to provide for you a therapeutic experience that is designed uniquely for you and the areas of concern you are wishing to address.


How do I work?

A variety of options are available dependant on your needs. You may want and need to work on issues over a number of sessions as is often the case with traditional psychotherapy and counselling, perhaps interspersed with sound healing sessions to facilitate integration and support the nervous system. Sessions can be in-person or via Zoom.


Single stand-alone sessions are also available perhaps as a taster session with longer 90 minute and two hour sessions available for a deeper experience.


A popular option and first step is a personalised sound bath in a unique setting that promotes deep relaxation, wellbeing and balance. Think of it as a sonic massage designed specifically for you.


I also co-facilitate a monthly shamanic drumming circle for wellbing and connection with others. Please contact me if you would like to give this fun and restorative activity a try. 


To get an idea of what would work best for your particular needs I offer a free 30 minute initial meeting in person or via zoom for you to discuss in confidence your concerns and for us to consider together what would be of most help for you.


What can you expect?

My approach is creative, intuitive, and holistic and includes the spiritual aspects to human experience, a connection to something greater than ourselves and the relevance this has in creating depth and meaning in life. Mindfulness and attention to breath are key components in my work with clients and I am trained in Energy Psychology methods which support work with trauma. Together with the use of sound, the imaginative faculties and sensitive enquiry and processing through depth psychotherapeutic work I provide a complete therapy in a safe compassionate confidential space for you to explore and go deeper into what matters most to you.



My practice is centrally located in the heart of historic Bradford on Avon in a property of unique character working in dedicated spaces to support your comfort and ease and amplify your therapeutic experience.


Bradford on Avon is easily accessed by surrounding towns (well served with trains and bus links), Bath, Trowbridge, Corsham, Chippenham, Melksham, Devises and Frome to name a few. 

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