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Sound Healing & Psychotherapy with Amanda Tilbury

Therapeutic use of sound commonly known as sound healing

Sound healing is the intentional use of a variety of sounds produced through a number of different instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, tuning forks, drum and voice to facilitate balance and harmony in a person on all levels, body, mind, emotions and spiritual aspects. It is important to note that while all music is sound, sounds are not necessarily music. Music is a complex ordered arrangement of notes and sounds to create a huge variety of musical form that we enjoy. When working therapeutically with sound we are using often single notes and tones with intention to bring about a healing effect which may sound strange and not always harmonious.


How does sound help?

Sound is vibration and everything is in a state of vibration including ourselves. We can think of ourselves as a unique orchestra of harmonious sounds/vibration. If one part or aspect of us becomes “out of tune or out of time” with the rest of our being (just like a violin in an orchestra) the whole is affected, and imbalance occurs.


Intentional use of sound is used to restore balance through a variety of techniques and the phenomena of sympathetic resonance and entrainment. Sound can trigger a deep state of relaxation calming the nervous system, it can facilitate emotional release and balance the energy system of the body, releasing stuck energy and reinstating harmony and balance. Coupled with a clear intention (a desired outcome or state of being) which often emerges and is enhanced through the initial therapy process, sound can promote change and growth.


The recipient of a sound healing session is invited to rest in a comfortable position with eyes generally closed and be open to receiving the sounds as they emerge. There are a few contra-indications to receiving a sound healing session which will be discussed at the initial meeting.

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